[Advaita-l] How does one know he is a jivan mukta?

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Tue Aug 30 01:06:02 CDT 2011

Dear All,
I agree with Sriram.

It is for diciple to be a sadacharin and fine tune himself every moment to
become the best disciple. Praying earnestly to  paramathma everyday to make
us fit for the study of Vedanta. Then a true guru will either come to you or
you will be taken to him and he will accept you as his shishya. This i
am Quoting with my own personal experience.

The main quality that is required is patience and perseverence.  In our day
to day life we are seeing people claiming masters in kundalini yoga, hatha
yoga, srividya etc and giving crash course in them which is of no use.
Unless one attains the requisite adhikara, one cannot go ahead in the
sadhana. Only  a true guru will know what path is suited for an individual.
Now a days people do not want want to follow the injuctions of shaastra but
they want the highest attainment. A sanskrit shloka goes like this:

Punyasya phalamicchanthi Punyam na kurvanthi manavaah
Paapasya phalam naecchanthi paapam kurvanthi yatnathah

People want the fruits of right deeds but they do not perform the right
actions. But, peole do not want the results of bad deeds  done, but they
will do the bad deeds with utmost sincerity.

Right karmanushtana leads us to the adhikara of obtaing highest knowledge.

Instead of searching a jivanmuktha guru why not we surrender to Adi shankara
and lead our life as instructed by him. When the right time comes a disciple
will be at the feet of a true guru.

When we have Dasanami  guru parampara of aadi sankara(established in four
corners of bhratha varsha) i don't think we have to test and search for a

I seek pardon if i am harsh in my words.


On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 10:47 AM, Venkata sriram P
<venkatasriramp at yahoo.in>wrote:

> Namaste,
> Shankara Bhagavatpada says in Vivekachudamani as:
> durlabhaM trayamEva Etat dEvAnugrahahEtukaM
> manuShyatvaM mumukShatvaM mahApuruShasaMshrayaH
> This sloka is in continuity of the previous one and states that
> it is due to the grace of Ishwara that one gets the human birth,
> desire for liberation and the company / satsanga of mahApuruShAs.
> As Shri Sadaji said, instead of searching for shrOtriya & brahmaniShTa
> Gurus, one should strive to become better disciples.
> The grace of such gurus would eventually come.
> That said, sishya should also exercise his own
> viveka jnana while accepting the acharyas.
> Aren’t we mature enough to see & decide the anuShTAna & sAdhana
> of Acharyas like Shri Bharati Tirtha Swamigal,
> Shri Paramananda Bharati, Swami Paramarthanandaji,
> Swami Tattvavidananda ji, Swami Dayananda ji on one hand
> and the rAsa lIlAs of nityananda on another hand.
> Still if one is attracted towards the later one, it is his
> prArabdha which should remind us the vAkya
> “vinAsha kAlE vipareeta buddhiH”.
> Regs,
> Sriram
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विद्या ददाति विनयम्, विनयम् ददाति पात्रताम्, पात्रत्वात् धनमाप्नोति, धनात्
धर्मम् ततःसुखम्
Education yields humility; humility yields character; character yields
wealth (courage, fortitude & wisdom); wealth supports righteous (dharmic)
life; righteousness yields happiness.

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