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*Ma Indira Devi on her Guru Dadaji Sri Dilip Kumar Roy*

Dadaji Sri Dilip Kumar Roy & Ma Indira Devi
> In Haridwar Dadaji met Indira Devi on the 8th of October 1946. She was to
> preside over an annual social gathering of a college in M.P. where he was
> invited to grace the occasion as the chief guest.
> "What do you want?" He asked.
> "I want Light - I am in darkness and I need guidance" she answered.
> Sri Dilip Kumar said "I am a seeker myself, I have not reached the goal. I
> am myself a disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. How can I guide you?"
> "I have met many eminent men but I have not met a man who is more
> transparently sincere. This is very important to me. If I am half as sincere
> as you are I cannot go wrong; and as for realization, will it be blasphemy
> if I say that I have a secret conviction that even God is not static but is
> leaping from one perfection to another? We shall grow together - you by
> leaps and bounds from peak to peak and I trudging behind" Ma Indira Devi
> said.
> Dadaji said "Indira, I pray to the Lord that I may not fail you. May I
> never betray your trust."
> This was the beginning of a rare relationship. A marvelous chapter started
> in their spiritual lives. It was a relationship not only of a Guru and a
> disciple, a father and a daughter, a teacher and pupil but also of two
> friends with one Goal, one path and above all of fellow pilgrims - pilgrim
> of the stars.
> Dadaji and Ma Indira Devi analysed their relationship sometimes. Ma Indira
> Devi said "It is unbelievable that you can feel so close to another being
> without any physical proximity! This aspiration to make love selfless, pure
> and undemanding brings such a feeling of contentment, intimacy and a vivid
> sense of purity. There is no fear, but certainly an awe - a tremendous
> respect bordering on worship. The sense of possessiveness is not there."
> Ma Indira Devi said "Dadaji's way of teaching was unique, his method was
> LOVE, with which he broke down the resistance of an obstinate disciple.
> There was never any coercion, any compulsion but there was a more forceful
> medium, LOVE. It did not give the disciple a feeling of servitude, of
> duty-bound slavery, of being caged, but the experience of freedom, of a
> sense of security, a protection round one. It was a beautiful way of
> teaching and a lovely experience of learning by observation and by loving.
> Love taught us to observe, to see, to wait and to give."


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