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On Fri, 19 Aug 2011, Venkata sriram P wrote:

> In fact it is this rtambhara prajna which as presented seems to be
> defective being based on personhood.
> //
> We cannot brush aside the sAstra based on the
> principle of apaurshetva / paursheyatva. 

I wasn't refering to the principle of paurusheyatva.

> Are we not taking Bhagavat Gita as the pramANa
> sAstra even though it is paurShEya.

Yes because it is based on and consonant with the teachings of the Vedas. 
(The second qualifier is necessary because the smrtis of samkhya and Yoga 
are also based on the Vedas but do not accurately reflect their teaching. 
See the bhashya on B.S. 2.1.1-3)

> Infact, i find Yoga Sutras, a practical & useful guide in my sAdhana in
> nirOdha of chittavritti, prANAyAma, dhyAna, dhAraNa etc.
> It emphasizes on praNava upAsana in the sUtra "tasya vAchakaH praNavaH".

I do not deny that Yoga is useful and practical.  Only that it is 

> // but to annhilate ajnana which allows svayamaprakasha
> jnana to shine forth.
> //
> Can you suggest any universal method of annihilating ajnana?

No but why would there have to be one, universal method?

> Even if one practices the yOga and eventhough he is
> half-way through in the current birth, in the next birth,
> he is born as yOga bhraShTa to continue
> the sAdhana.  At least, this assurance is there in
> BG. 
> What is such assurance in Sastra Adhyayana?

The very last brahmasutra anAvR^itti shabdAt (it is repeated twice because 
it is last.) says those who pass along the devAyana (by due dilligence in 
karmayoga) do not return to saMsAra at all.  This is what the Gita teaches 
as well.

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