[Advaita-l] Ritambara Prajna

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sat Aug 20 04:42:35 CDT 2011

Dear Raghav Ji,
As far as Vedanta is concerned, RtambharA prajnA is "harnessed" for arriving
at the true meaning of the mahAvAkya. This prajnA merely refers to the
condition of the purified mind which converts, so to speak, the middling,
obstacle-ridden parokSha jnAnam obtained by the middling spiritual aspirant
during his shravaNam, which is unstable (in which there is no spontaneous
abidance in the Self) into aparokSha-jnAnam upon which there is no more need
for any sadhana like nidhidhyAsana or further shravaNam etc.

Thus RtambharA prajNa helps us unravel the meaning of the words of vedanta
in ways which merely reasoning, discussion, logic etc do not succeed. This
is needed for the middling spiritual aspirant but not needed for an
idealized excellent aspirant. (Do they exist today?) Thus the words of
vedanta heard and studied during the course of shravaNam become truly
insightful and penetrating and life-changing when RtambharA prajnA arises.
There is no independent status for RtambharA prajNa as a pramANam
Wonderful post of yours with good observation.  

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