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Subbuiji and Shyamji - PraNAms
With all due respect to our aacharyas, I would understand that Vedas are eternal implies that knowledge is eternal - Since Vedas point out to the absolute truth that cannot be known otherwise, they become eternal pramANas. If every character in the puraaNas, realized or not, has to be reborn, the extrapolation of that would also mean every individual is reborn and every creation becomes a carbon copy of the previous kalpa. Then aagaami karmaas have no meaning. It is again not some other Jiivas will be taking their role in the next kalpa; there is no need for that in order to preserve the eternality of the vedas. 
I would think, the understanding of eternality should be from the point of absolute knowledge rather than the characters or Veda dRiShTaas per sec. Otherwise as Subbuji pointed out we run into problem of the purpose of moksha itself. What is eternal in the ephemeral things needs to be understood as part of Vedanta. 
Just my 2c.
Hari Om!

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This is my genuine doubt upon hearing the above statement which you had
quoted a few days ago too.  Maybe I am not getting the purport of the Kanchi
MahAperivaya's words.  Would like to hear your clarification.

There is no doubt that the Veda undergoes no change kalpa after kalpa and is
revealed at the beginning of srishTi 'dhAtA yatha pUrvam akalpayat', the
same way it was in the previous creation-cycle. So, the contents of the Veda
too does not undergo any change including the personages and the

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