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Shree Ragav Kumar – PraNAms.

With due respects, I would like to mention that no one is disqualified to gain the absolute freedom that one is. Pouranic examples are many. 

Vedanta as a science is sacred since it is the absolute knowledge, knowing which there is nothing else worth knowing; or knowing which one knows everything thing - eka vijnaanena sarva vijnaanam bhavati. 

To gain that knowledge the primary requirements are the four-fold qualifications as elucidated by Bhagavat paada, Shankara based on the scriptures.

The essence of the Vedanta is packed in the mahaavaakyaas, with the rest of the vaakyaas being aid to understand these. 

What is required for moksha is clear understanding of the identify statements as elucidated by these mahaavaakyaas in Vedanta. 

It is not the study of the Vedanta texts, not chanting or teaching etc for which certain qualifications may be required. But for understanding and implementing these statements, one need not have to study but need a teacher who can help in understanding. Recent example is Nisargadatta Maharaj who was a pan-beedy waala had enough faith in the teaching of his guru when he taught – tat tvam asi – he could contemplate and realize the absolute truth- as is evident from his answers to questions posed in – I am that- book. From this it is very clear that what is needed is chitta suddhi not from what gotram, or kulam or vranam or gender one belongs to.

Jaati niiti kula gotra duuragam
naama ruuma guNa dosha vargitam
desha kaala vishaayaati vartiyat
brahma tatvam asi bhaava yaatmani|| - says Shankara.

>From this, it is very clear that every one who is dhaarmic is entitled to gain that understanding by listening to the teaching with full faith in the teacher and the teaching. 

Any other questions related to the qualification of the one who can study by himself the scriptures has no bearing on the realization of the truth. One can become a scholar in shastras too but if he does not have the four-fold qualifications, then the study of those scriptures is useless. 
avijnaate pare tatva shaastraadiishu nishpalaa| 
vijnaatepi pare tatva shaatraadiishu nishpalaa| - says Shankara

The study of shaastraas is useless if one has not gained the supreme and the study of shaastraas is useless if one has gained the supreme- says Shankara. 

>From my understanding, requesting beforehand pardon for saying so, the questions that you are posing are irrelevant because 1. None can give you an answer that will satisfy you 2. No answer can be given that will satisfy you. The best pursuit is only what qualifications are required to gain that knowledge and that aspect has been exhaustively discussed in relation to the B. Sutra I, by bhagavat paada Shankara.
Hope this helps.

Hari Om!

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