[Advaita-l] Is Isvara paramartika?

kuntimaddi sadananda kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 9 18:28:03 CDT 2011

PraNAms to all:
Iswara is vyaavahaarika until I realize I am paaramaarthika - then only all differences between jiiva-iswara-jagat are resolved into advaita- which is paaramaarthikam. Notion that I am jiiva and I need to realize the paaramaarthika goes with the notion that this universe is real, and there is an Iswara who is real, who created this universe. The transcendence of Iswara to paaramaarthika goes with jiiva's transcendence. These two cannot be treated as separate issues. Only when I realize that I am Brahman, then only Iswara also resolves as the self that I am. At that time these discussions also cease. Until that realization, it is futile to discuss if Iswara is vyaavahaarika or paaramaarthika; after realization it is gain futile to discuss this issue. Reminds me the VivekachUDAmani sloka-It goes like this- from memory:  avjnaate pare tatve shaastraadiistu niShpalaa| vijnaatepi paretatve shaastraadiistu niShpalaa| The study of shaastras is useless if
 one has not realized- the study of shastras is useless if one has realized. 
Hari Om!

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