[Advaita-l] Is Isvara paramartika?

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This is an appropriate rebuttal to some commonly held misconceptions about the "falsity" of Ishwara's "existence" in some Advaita seekers - have dwelt on this at some length on my blog - a few of which may be of interest to some.

1. http://www.adi-shankara.org/2007/02/srshti-we-cognize-is-in-perfect-order.html
2. http://www.adi-shankara.org/2008/04/ishwara-and-brahman.html
3. http://www.adi-shankara.org/2007/09/does-advaita-consider-ishwara-real-or.html
4. http://www.adi-shankara.org/2008/03/ishwara-and-advaita.html

Hari OM
Shri Gurubhyoh namah

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> RV: The Lord's existence is NOT dependent on Maya but
> Lord's "existence as
> the Ruler" is dependent on Maya. Due to ignorance, in the
> realm of jivas,
> the jivas fail to recognize the Lord as their own innermost
> consciousness or
> Self. It is not that due to Maya, the jivas think that
> there is an entity
> called the Lord. In this context. Sankara gives the example
> of the space and
> that enclosed within the pot. On the destruction of the
> pot, there is no
> more existence of a greater space outside the pot but the
> great space exists
> as before. Like that, the Isvara continues to exist as
> Brahman.

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