[Advaita-l] Saguna and Nirguna Sruti

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Apr 27 00:16:55 CDT 2011

Dear Murthy Ji,
I couldn't understand what is nirguna sruti & saguna sruti.  A sruti is sruti, whether it is
nirguna or saguna.  
BTW, i don't see anything wrong in contemplating saguna brahman which has been 
conceived for the sake of upasana.  The great jnani hanuman in Ramayana identifies himself as rAma-dAsa ("dAsOhaM kOsalEndrasya...". ).
Dear Bhaskarji,
No it is shoulder height bouncer but when batsman ducks low it will go 
over his head. The batsman cannot call a no ball. The Umpire is not saying 
it is no ball. You can get run out in a no ball. 
As I said before, when the ball is hit for a big six, where is the 
question of run out, here batsman is not ducking he is 'hitting' it to the 
six :-)) I agree with this. 
But we must hear what others say and what is their 
perspective and why is Advaita better.
It doesn't matter whether the bowler bowls yorker / full toss / in-spin or out-spin and whether the batsman hits for a six:))
Even if the batsman hits the six or the bowler gives a yorker, the winning of game is not guaranteed.  Right????
Ultimately, winning the game is most important irrespective of one's school of thought!!!
shrIrAma sharaNaM mama....


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