[Advaita-l] Taittiriya Upanishad question

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Apr 13 02:10:17 CDT 2011

Namaste Dear,
Your reaction is full of inaccuracies and an example of your complete
misunderstanding of the Purana episode.

>  I would rather try to understand these episodes with more esoteric 
meaning than to literally interpreting these episodes to prove jnAni's 
'maithuna' at the wrong time !!

   - Where is it said that Kashyapa prajapati used his 'power' *
Discussion like the one above is taking unsavoury turn with embarassing 
The dharma pravrittis of prajapati, rishi, muni, grihastha, yati varies according to their ashrama dharma.
Kashyapa was a prajapati and it is his dharma to satisfy his sahadharmacharini. 
If one's sahadharmacharini is in need of such thing, it is the dharma of the
grihastha to cooperate.  Even such an act is a yajna which is described in sruti.
Had Parasara not married, we would have missed Bhagavan Veda Vyasa 
and missed Brahma Sutra. Vyasa's marriage resulted in the birth of Bhagava Suka, 
a brahmajnani again.
Even Suka is said to have married as mentioned in Devi Bhagavata in Narada Purana
and begets 1 male child & 4 female children.  And he is said to be a brahmajnani. 
The advaita guru parampara till Suka are grihasthAs only. What exactly is the dharma sukshma, it has to be learned under the acharyas.
One should not unnecessarily criticise Kashyapa Prajapati  whose dharma pravritti is different altogether.  
I have also seen that the Rasakrida of Bhagavan Krishna is being unnecessarily
criticised which is painful to read.  These are vitanDa vAdanAs which is 
un-sastraic in approach.   Ample references in Shatapatha Brahmana, 
Sridhariya vyakhya to Bhagavata Purana are mentioned regarding what exactly
means the gO (cow), gOlOka, vraja bhUmi, gOpika & gOpakumAra and above
all Krishna, the Hero of Rasalila. 

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