[Advaita-l] Taittiriya Upanishad question

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Mon Apr 11 08:41:50 CDT 2011

Dear Venkatesh MurtyJi,
The meaning can be like this. At the same time Mukta gets experience
of becoming Food and Eater of Food.
“anna” is  “bhojya” tattva and eater of anna is “bhOkta” tattva. 
This is “agni-shOmIyA” tattva, and Shatapatha brahmana refers this agni 
as agriH.  This agriH / agni is also extolled as IndraH / IndhaH.  
Shruti mentions the seat of bhOkta to be the right eye & that of bhOjya 
to be left eye.   This bhOkta-bhOjya is called “IndhaH” (in other words Indra) 
and Indrani. 
Sankara refers this as “indra-indrANyOH prakAmaM suratasukhajhuShOH…..”
in Shata Sloki.  
Now as regards the krIDa, it describes the sarva-vyApaka & sarvAtma bhAva 
of the realized soul.  As the shruti vakya goes ““ekOhaM bahusyAM prajAyEti”, 
it is the same Ishwara becoming the “paricchinna Jiva” enjoys putra / mitra / 
kaLatra / bandhu darshana.  
We have heard such instances of sarvAtmakatva & sarvavyApakatva with 
respect to saints.  For instances,  For instance, when Bhagavan Krishna had 
morsel of food, Sage Durvasa got rid of his pangs of hunger; when dogs were 
sumptuously fed in ashram, Shri Swami Samarth of Akkalkot aka Akkalkot 
Maharaj felt satisfied and mentioned to his nearby devotee saying that He 
had sumptuous meal that day.  
Having attained the state of omnipresence, they identify themselves with 
every atom of universe.   Such a sage eats the food through the mouths of all 
the jivas; perceives the entire universe through the eyes of all the jivas; 
listens to everyone through the ears of all the jivas.  
This is virAT dEha abhimAna.  And yet happens to be the “Silent Observer” 
and abides in His Brahmi Sthiti.
I would suggest you to contemplate on the couple of stanzas of 
Dakshinamurty Stotra:
“vishvaM pashyati kArya-kAraNatayA sva-svAmi saMbandhataH…..”
sarvAtmatvaM iti sphuTikritaM yasmAt muShmin stave………
sarvAtmatvaM iti mahAvibhUti …”

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