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Thu Apr 7 18:50:49 CDT 2011

SAdara pranAmam Sriramji,
I would like to know whether the muThAmnAya anushAsana drafted by Sankara
has ever published ?.
If so is there any possibility of getting a copy of it ?

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 5:04 PM, Venkata sriram P <venkatasriramp at yahoo.in>wrote:

> Dear Murthyji,
> ///
> Why Sankalpa for Ayuta Chandi Homa is done by Sri Sri Sri
> Bharati Tirtha? The Sanyasi has given up all Karmas.
> //
> The acharyas of Sringeri Pitha are all paramahamsas.  And frankly speaking,
> they neither require to perform any pujas, homas & japas.
> They "seem" to perform chandramoulishwara puja, srichakra puja, homas,
> kumbhabhishekas etc. because they are bound by the muThAmnAya
> anushAsana drafted by Sankara.
> During the above karma kANDa, the sankalpa is "lOka-kalyaNArthaM".
> Otherwise, they
> are not bothered about anything.  They revel in ther own atma-tattva.
> Please note that the above are the vishesha dharmas of yatis who hail from
> chaturAmnAyAs of Sankara Bhagavatpada.  They have the extra responsibility
> of
> Mutt Administration and any function performed in the mutt premises, should
> go
> to the notice of acharya who is the final approval authority.
> That said, all the acharyas of Sringeri have their "own nitya karma" of
> praNava upAsana daily at brahma muhurta followed by yOgAbhyAsa and parayana
> of Atmavidya Vilasa daily.  The current pontiff Shri Bharati Tirtha, amidst
> the hectic schedule, studies the sAstrAs till midnight and takes a short
> rest of 2 hours.  The yati dharma followed in
> Sringeri is a becon light for all the sanyasis of dasanami order across the
> country.
> Sringeri is the rAja-pItha among all the amnAya mutts of Sankara, and hence
> the
> extra responsibility of "dharma-samsthApana".
> My prostrations to the illustrious lineage of Sringeri.....
> regs,
> Sriram
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