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Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Apr 6 06:34:32 CDT 2011

Dear Murthyji,
Why Sankalpa for Ayuta Chandi Homa is done by Sri Sri Sri
Bharati Tirtha? The Sanyasi has given up all Karmas.
The acharyas of Sringeri Pitha are all paramahamsas.  And frankly speaking,
they neither require to perform any pujas, homas & japas.  
They "seem" to perform chandramoulishwara puja, srichakra puja, homas, kumbhabhishekas etc. because they are bound by the muThAmnAya 
anushAsana drafted by Sankara. 
During the above karma kANDa, the sankalpa is "lOka-kalyaNArthaM".  Otherwise, they
are not bothered about anything.  They revel in ther own atma-tattva. 
Please note that the above are the vishesha dharmas of yatis who hail from chaturAmnAyAs of Sankara Bhagavatpada.  They have the extra responsibility of 
Mutt Administration and any function performed in the mutt premises, should go
to the notice of acharya who is the final approval authority.  
That said, all the acharyas of Sringeri have their "own nitya karma" of praNava upAsana daily at brahma muhurta followed by yOgAbhyAsa and parayana of Atmavidya Vilasa daily.  The current pontiff Shri Bharati Tirtha, amidst the hectic schedule, studies the sAstrAs till midnight and takes a short rest of 2 hours.  The yati dharma followed in 
Sringeri is a becon light for all the sanyasis of dasanami order across the country. 
Sringeri is the rAja-pItha among all the amnAya mutts of Sankara, and hence the 
extra responsibility of "dharma-samsthApana".  
My prostrations to the illustrious lineage of Sringeri.....

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