[Advaita-l] madhyamam/madhyamam

Siva Senani Nori sivasenani at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 4 08:57:44 CDT 2011

Sri Srikanta

I was avoiding a direct challenge since it is clear to me that you do not know 
Sanskrit grammar, but since you ask for it, here it is. Now, if you deny asking 
for the challenge, let me mention the instances: firstly, in an earlier email 
you quoted the last Sloka of Naishkarmyasiddhi and stated that you wanted 
Vidvaans to test your knowledge; second in your email below you say that you are 
basing your points on ashTAdhyAyI and the laghusiddhAntakaumudI. 

I will accept either as the pramANa. Just show me how 'madhyamaam' or 
'madhyagaam' can be a dvandvasamAsa using the sutras or vrittis given in either 
book. If you show so, I will profusely apologise for using the words 
,"irresponsibly" and "without knowing or understanding", and for stating that I 
think that you do not know Sanskrit grammar. Or if you want me to do anything 
else, let me know before you take up the challenge. I will consider and get 
back. If you want to nominate any competent judges, I am agreeable. For 
instance, Sri Bhaskar (he does not particularly like me, let us say); or there 
is a neutral in Sir SrIsha Rao (we are both opposed to his views), or, maybe Sri 

I do not ask anything in return if you are unable to show that those two words 
are dvandvasamAsas, or choose to avoid a reply by remaining silent or taking 
recourse to something along the lines of "this is childish". It is not. 
VyAkaraNa is a science; there is a claim made by you; it can be either correct 
or not. There is nothing childish in it.

This is not a personal assault; it is keeping the honour of the list in tact. In 
a sabhaa, if something incorrect is said or done, those who know should not 
remain silent. The English have a nappier, if insulting turn of phrase for it: 
"put up or shut up".

Yours truly
N. Siva Senani

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