[Advaita-l] Jnana-karma samuccaya.

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Wed Nov 24 00:39:16 CST 2010

Hare Krishna

You take every Holyman is a Jnani.

>  No I did not, that is the reason why I talked about the 'fate' of the 
jnAni separately. 

The Sampradaya of the so called Holyman is important. Nowadays we see
Holymen with no proper Sampradaya. They are not Jnanis they are false
Sanyasis. They are after money and luxury in life. True Jnani will not
act like that.

>  Yes, for that matter all holymen within saMpradAya cannot be invariably 
jnAni-s...There might be real  jnAni-s within saMpradAya- who are 
'seemingly' enjoying the facilities at their respective maTha-s and 
parallelly there might be fake guru-s as well within saMpradAya who are 
comfortably enjoying with real attachment...And at the same time we cannot 
conclude that jnAni-hood possible ONLY within one particular saMpradAya 
when atyAshrami jnAni-s who donot belong to any saMpradAya is quite 
evident.  And we the ajnAni-s cannot prepare the list of do's & dont's for 
the jnAni and expect him to follow...A jnAni may be a king like  janaka, 
gruhasta like yAjnAvalkya saNyAsi like our bhagavatpAda, atyAshrami like 
ramaNa or nagna yOgi like saMvarta...The external appearances, statuses, 
attires etc. of these jnAni-s are only our perception, and the real jnAni 
would not identify himself with BMI and say:  see I am a 'king jnAni' 
there is another 'saNyAsi  jnAni'  in forest :-))  The popular saying goes 
: ONLY jnAni can identify another jnAni ( but for the real jnAni there is 
no 'another') :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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