[Advaita-l] Yatis and Avadhutas.

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Tue Nov 23 00:13:30 CST 2010

An yati is one who has taken sanyasa and striving towards attainment of
Brahma Jnana.He wears an ochre robe and is a mendicant.There are also
Yatis in mutts who lead a disciplined life of a monk.He is called
"Vividhisha sanyasi",who is towards attainment of Brahmajnana.He is making
"yathna",trying to achieve Jnana.The term "Yati"is a general term
referring to a sanyasi.
An Avadhuta is one who is in the higher order of renouncement.There is no
"Varnashrama dharma"for him.He is outside society.He can live anywhere and
always in ,"Hamsadhyana"(Aham sa ha).He is called the "Paramahamsa".He is
always in the "samadhi",state.He doesnot cover himself.An Avadhuta belongs
to an order higher than an "Yati"

Sri.Sadhashiva Brahmendra,Telang Swami belong to the Avadhuta order.

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