[Advaita-l] Mayavadam asatsatram.

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Mon Nov 22 23:40:53 CST 2010

the above posting,V.Subramaian concludes that Adwaita is
> "Asatsastram",because Gaudapada has borrowed the simile of
> "Alata"(firebrand),in his karikas on Mandukya Upanishad.This shows to what
> extent some scholars jump to hasty and erroneous conclusions,just because
> some terms are found in Buddhist texts.

No, he does not. The notion that Gaudapada borrowed the alAtacakra analogy
buddhists is ascribed to CRITICS of advaita. I think Sri Subrahmanian has
amply that he is a champion of advaita, not a critic. I would request you
to please
through other people's posts carefully and not jump to hasty and erroneous
about what they say!
Iam only pointing out what Sri Subramanian has brought in his posting.My
point is we cannot even say as Adwaitins that the critics of Adwaita
criticise that Gaudapada borrowed from the Buddhists.It would be too
preposterous even for us to even mention such blasphemous statement.
Even Bhagawata also cannot be branded as asatsastram,it being a Bhakthi
grantha.Many a time even among Adwaitins such a notion is unfortunately
held.It would be better if the list member who make such statements
clarify himself rather than some one else clarify on the matter.

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