[Advaita-l] Brahmin census

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 05:09:16 CST 2010

Namaste Sri Srikanta

What you say is the point I am making.   In case one son does not
continue the family tradition another son can do it. But there should
be sufficient choice of sons. With a low growth rate of population
there may not be sufficient choice for tradition to continue.

The ancient tradition of Vedas is endangered tradition.

Just like endangered species even endangered traditions should be
protected otherwise they will be lost.  A time may come when people
will not find a Samaveda Purohita to perform even Samskaras like

Pranams to you for learning Samaveda and Advaita. Manu said gods are
pleased with Rgveda men with Yajurveda and Pitrus with Samaveda.  May
your Pitrus become pleased with you.

It is commendable you are continuing in footsteps of old Vidwans.



On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 5:34 PM, srikanta <srikanta at nie.ac.in> wrote:
> Dear Sri Venkatesh,
> I understand your concern for our sanatana dharma.I myself is an example
> for what you are saying.I come from a orthodox Brahmin family,my father
> was a Ptofessor of Samaveda in the sanskrit Pathsala in Mysore.I am the
> last in the family of 8 children.My father passed away when I was barely 7
> years.I have a glimpse of yester day vidwans who engaged always in the
> study of vedas and vedanta.I along with my Engineering education
> cultivated interest in Samaveda and Adwaita vedanta.My elder brother
> migrated to England.I have mental peace when I srudy the Adwaita
> Vedanta.Therefore,even if others are not interested,there will be some one
> who is interested and carry the torch
> forward.
> Regards,                                                 N.Srikanta.
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