[Advaita-l] jnAna-karma samuccaya

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 16 23:43:58 CST 2010

Namaste Shri Srikanta,
upAsanA need not be confined to singing bhajana, performing temple
worship, reading devotional texts ....
Striving to incorporate the vidya of mANDukya (meditation on omkAra)
is also an upAsanA.
Contemplating on the meaning of gAyatri and making gAyatri an integral 
part of our life is also an upAsanA.
Study of and and making sincere efforts to incorporate grand vidyA-s like
madhu vidyA, vasihvAnara vidyA, in our lives is also an upAsanA.
Study of charitra of shrI rAma, shrI kRSNa and correlating aspects of their
charitra to neumerous vidyA-s described in veda, upanishad, purANa, ..
is also an upAsanA.
Study of shrI chakra and making efforts to understand how is relates to
different aspects of life is also an upAsanA.
If these upAsanA-s will not be sufficient to attain comprehensive understanding
of nirguNa brahma and build a strong bond with saguNa brahma, I might have
missed something in my study ...
Shrinivas Gadkari
You may have upasana or Bhakthi for your endeavour for the
Purushartha.But,what I am saying is one will reach the saguna Brahmopasana
as Shankara has said.You cannot reach Nirguna Brahman.Jnana is not an
integral component of Upasana marga.One will reach only as the devotee and
not even as "sarupya"to the devata he is doing Upasana.Shankara has made
this clear in this bhashyas.
Gaudapada in the Adwaita prakarana (IV prakarana)of Mandukya upanishad
karikas says:
"Upasanaashritasya dharmasya jate brahmani vartate!
Prag utpatter ajan sarvam tenasau krpanah smrtah!!"
The being(Atma) which is dependent upon "Upasana",remains with the
"Hiranya garbha"Brahman"It thinks before birth every thing is
birthless,therefore it is considered as miserly(krpanah).
Infact that is what all the "Bhajana Goshti"is doing these days.it
considers that with Bhajana everything is solved,without the effort of the
seeker.The sadhaka has to strive for getting "Brahmajnana".Well,if he
wants to be contented with only Bhakthi,then it is his lot.


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