[Advaita-l] jnAna-karma samuccaya

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This is further to my earlier mail on the subject. The upasaka does 
reach the ultimate goal through the grace of God, at the stage when the separation from the Lord becomes unbearable to the upasaka. 
 At that stage the Lord gives the required  knowledge  (that the bhakta 
is not separate from Him). It is unlike the status of the dvaitists, 
whose goal is  to be near the Lord  yet remain as separate from the Lord
 due to fear of losing the individual identity (and that we know is due 
to a trace of Ahamkara remaining in them).  You can count on the grace of
 the Lord. He too wants to have his bhakta back in Him and He will go an extra mile to help the bhakta.


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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subject matter.I am sure that Shankara,the brilliant logician that he
is,has answered all only from the Adwaithic point of view.This must be
kept in mind before studying his bhashyas.That is the greatness of
Shankara.We must also realise that there is no"Jnana-karma samuccaya in
his bhashyas,as some subscribers have suggested



For an ordinary sAdhaka like me the upAsanA marga in which jnAna, karma,
and yoga are beautifully integrated with the thread of bhakti is by far the best
path to adopt. If someone were to argue : .... but in the final analysis there
is only jnAna etc etc ... , to them I would say: Okay. In that case since jnAna 
is an integral component of upAsanA marga, I will begin to see the truth of
claims like these when I am ready.

upAsanA marga / bhakti is a well rounded path capable of granting any and every

hari om,

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