[Advaita-l] Questions on mayavada

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Shri Shrikanta,

It is like the Vedantist today saying that Sankhya is wrong or Yoga is wrong, though these are not wrong and are valid within their scope and they do not go to the Vedantic level. So also Lord Buddha did not touch Vedanta as he was forbidden to teach it ,  yet out of sympathy for his advanced disciples he spoke about the concept of Shunyata.  Madam Blavatsky explained that.  Adi Sankaracharya and Gaudapada knew the truth. However most people today read a bit about Lord  Buddha and a bit about Vedanta and see the criticism of  what Dignaga and Dharmakirti said as the direct criticism of Lord Buddha. The people, who   criticise  Lord Buddha do not know that Lord Buddha told the highest truth without the argumentation of the Buddhist logicians.  Some  Brahmin priests could have been  up against Lord Buddha as Lord Buddha was against excess ritualism in the name of the Vedas and they propagated that Lord Buddha was against the Veda. It does not
 get registered in thir grey matter that Lord Buddha said that he did not invent anything and that he only told what the ancient seers told. 

Now it is quite possible that you will surf the Internet and show your scholarship that you always knew all about what Blavatsky said  and that even your knowledge on Blavatsky is more than what I know.

Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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You said  as follows:
<<  .It is too childish to say that niether Gaudapada nor Shankara criticised
Buddha<< <.
Do you think your giving an assertion without substantiang it  is unchildish?


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

Dear Sunil Bhattacharyaji,

I have given the gist of Gaudapada's arguments which says that vedanta is
not Buddhism.Shankara's commentary follows that.If you say that neither
Gaudapada or Shankara criticised Buddha,what else can I say.To understand
that,you have to study Mandukya Upanishad and the Gaudapada karikas.If the
arguments there must be followed.If you simply repeat what I said,what
else is it?We are not indulging in vithandavada.
Sincerely,                                            N.Srikanta.
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