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Shri Shrikanta,

Please read up your earlier mails again or do you want me to bring that back and show here again. I am happy that you read up the Lankavatara sutra. Once one attains the Shunyata one loses the separateness or in other words Shunyata ans non-separateness are one and the same. Dharmakaya is not the kaya of an individual maintaining  individual identity. it is for this reason that the Bodhisattvas delay their attainment of the Shunyata at the end of their spiritual journey so that their individual identity remains and they can help the other aspirants too in the spiritual journey. In Zen Buddhism they say that  if you see a Buddha kill him and it signifies that Buddha attaned Shunyata and do'nt expect Buddha to appear in person again. One too has to be like Buddha and lose the identity in Shunyata and thus escape the cycle of birth and death.

Once you understand the concept of Shunyata you understand the Dharmakaya. 


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Dear sunil Bhattacharji,
Donot say that I have not understood Mahayana or Dharmakaya.I have quoted
from Lankavatara Sutra to explain what is Dharmakaya.

For your information it is similar to the various koshas explained in the
Thithriyopanishad.Annamayakosha,pranamayakosha,vijnanamaya kosha and
lastly Anandamaya kosha.The Dharmakosha you are saying is associated with
the final mental state before enlightenment.Read Lankavatara suta.
Acording to the lankavatara suta and other mahayana texts,the nirmanakaya
or terrestrial dimension of Buddhahood can assume any formand nay number
of forms.It can assme not only a recognizable,special form like Shakyamuni
Buddha,but also the form of a drunkard,gambler or the like in order to
benefit and liberate senrient beings.

Regards,                                               N.Srikanta.

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