[Advaita-l] Dharmakaya

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Tue Nov 9 04:41:17 CST 2010

Dear sunil Bhattacharji,
Donot say that I have not understood Mahayana or Dharmakaya.I have quoted
from Lankavatara Sutra to explain what is Dharmakaya.

For your information it is similar to the various koshas explained in the
Thithriyopanishad.Annamayakosha,pranamayakosha,vijnanamaya kosha and
lastly Anandamaya kosha.The Dharmakosha you are saying is associated with
the final mental state before enlightenment.Read Lankavatara suta.
Acording to the lankavatara suta and other mahayana texts,the nirmanakaya
or terrestrial dimension of Buddhahood can assume any formand nay number
of forms.It can assme not only a recognizable,special form like Shakyamuni
Buddha,but also the form of a drunkard,gambler or the like in order to
benefit and liberate senrient beings.

Regards,                                               N.Srikanta.

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