[Advaita-l] Questions on Mayavada

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Tue Nov 9 04:17:23 CST 2010

Dear Sunil Bhattacharya,
You seem to be not convinced by my explanation.I used the word
"Dharma"found in "Gaudapada karikas".You have by yourself introduced the
word,"Dharmakaya"like some examiner asking viva questions.
Here is my answer.I am quoting "Lankavatara Sutra".The Lankavatara sutra
is representative of the canonical literature that is the foundation of
the Mahayana school variously known as the "Yogachara"school affirming the
of meditation(Yoga) and action(Achara),the vijanavada,school affirming
conciousness,and the Chittamatra,school affirming Mind only.
The lankavatara sutra suggests an important doctrine in germinal form:the
doctrine of the three bodies,or dimensions of Buddhahood--the
Transcendetal dimension(Dharmakaya),the celestial dimension(sambogha
kaya0,and the Terrestrial dimension(Nirmanakaya).These three eflect in
general terms,the levels of enlightened reality:1)the transcendental
dimension is synonymouswith the ultimate level of enlightenment,which is
beyond names and forms;2)the celestial dimension is an expression of the
symbolic and archetypal dimension of Buddhahood,to which only the
spiritually developed have access;and 3)the terrestrial dimension is the
dimension of Buddhahood to which all of us in our unenlightened condition
have access,and which participates in the world of mundane phenomena.It is
this terrestrial dimension(nirmanakaya) that appears in countless forms in
order to nurture and enancipate sentient beings.

If these things are not understood it will be futile to understand Buddhism.

Regards,                                              N.Srikanta.

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