[Advaita-l] AntaryamiVishnu and any devatas.

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Tue Nov 9 03:54:24 CST 2010

With reference to the above topic,SriKrishna Kaundinya says that there was
an inscription on a rock at "Maulabagilu",where it was recorded about a
debate by Vidyaranya and Akshobhya tirtha.It is said that it has ben
recorded in the Archeological survey of India issue if 1886.

Eminent Kannada poet and Literateur,Late D.V.Gundappa,while writing a
foreword to the book"Vedanta Desika"has refuted this story.He says,he is a
native of Mulabagilu.There is a Madhva mutt which was very old.Many
students regardless of the sects were admited to the Pathasala run by this
mutt.He says that these donot seem to be an inscription,bt marks made by
the vagaries of the weather.This may be an exageration,with one sect
claiming the superiority over the other.As I have said before,these
debates have been going on for many years in the olden days,and many books
have beenpublished on either side.Only now a days,people have no interest
in the debates or Vakya vicara.

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