[Advaita-l] gItA bhaashhya sudhaa bindavaH - 25

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OM shrii gurubhyo namaH

We continue with the series.

66. shishhyasya shaastraarthagrahaNaagrahaNavivekabubhutsyayaa
pR^ichchhati | tadagrahaNe j~naate punaH graahayishhyaami
upaayaantareNaapi iti prashhTuH abhipraayaH | yatnaantaraM cha
aasthaaya shishhyasya kR^itaarthataa kartavyaa iti aachaaryadharmaH
pradarshito bhavati || 18.72 ||

##In order to ascertain whether or not the disciple has comprehended
the meaning of the Scripture, the Lord asks (the following question),
the intention of the questioner being, "If it is known that it has not
been comprehended, I shall again make him grasp it through other
means." Hereby is shown the duty of the teacher that a student should
be made to achieve his goal by taking the help of a different

67. anena mohanaashaprashnaprativachanena
sarvashaastraarthaj~naanaphalam.h etaavadeveti nishchitaM darshitaM
bhavati\, yataH j~naanaat.h mohanaashaH aatmasmR^itilaabhashcheti ||
18.73 ||

##By this question about the destruction of delusion and the answer to
it, it becomes conclusively revealed that the fruit derived from
understanding the import of the entire Scripture is this much alone --
which is the destruction of delusion arising from ignorance and the
regaining of memory about the Self.##

(To be continued.)
bhava sha~nkara deshika me sharaNaM

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