[Advaita-l] Antaryami Vishnu & anya devatas.

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Dear friends,

Devakiputra is so pure that he could see that what is in him in everybody. This upanishadic statement means that he could identify himself with everything. In Bhagavad Gita also the Lord conveys this message..  Keeping with the ways of the world he did pray to Lord Shiva though he also realized that he is no different from Lord Shiva. You may be finding this a bit complicated, isn't it?
Please read the Bhagavad Gita. No shorter cut than the Bhagavad gita as any shorter cut may be misunderstood. Through the development of Sattvic guna alone one can see the reality and in the advaitic sense one see through the veil of Maya, ie. one can overcome the delusions.
When one can find that in the Bhagavad Gitopanishad is there any need for a debate. Some people may get confused by reading all the shastras like Arjuna was. Please read the Bhagavad Gita bhashya by Adi sankaracharya or Shridhara swami or both.

Best wishes,

Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Pranam to All,
                       I recently joined the forum and found the
discussions to be full of content. I 21 years old  and am a novice in
spiritual matters.I have some questions to ask to which I am sure to
get good answers by the scholars here and I ask some of these from the
dvaitin point of view.

1) It is said that Lord Hari is Sarvottama ( which he is for sure) &
he is the antaryami ( as

saint Annamacharya also eulogizes in his keertanas) and is also the
antaryami for anya

devatas( like brahma, shiva etc). Dvaitins explain that whenever he
prays to other devatas (

as in when Lord Sri Krishna prayed to Lord Shiva by taking Shiva
deeksha from sage upamanyu or

Lord Sri Ram prays to Lord Shiva) he actually prays to ANTARYAMI of
that anya devata which is

the lord himself, so taratamya is not viiolated. Are there any shastra
pramanas for this ( for

or against).  please quote from vedas or only the " sattvic Puranas".
I hope you understand

why I insist on " sattvic puranas".

2) I read in some Madhva forums that the Lord keeps the rajasic and
tamasic souls ( I dont

understand how soul has gunas) in delusion, and only sattvic souls are
eligible for moksha.

Are there any shaastra pramanas stating this condition..( Bhagavvam
Ramana Maharishi says that

everyone is eligible for moksha )..Also does the atman has form??

3) In the debate between Sri Vidyaranya swamy & akshobhya muni,
Vidyaranya swamy could not defend the position of the mahavakya" Tat
Twam Asi" and Sri Vedanta Desikar pronounded akshobhya muni as the
winner by saying "Asina tatvamasina parajiva prabhodina Vidyaranya
maharanyam Aksobhyamuni raccinath". Why did this happen and how should
we understand this?

Thank you.
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