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Welcome Krishna to this forum.

Regarding your last question about the debate between Swami Vidyaranya and
Sri Akshobhya Tirtha, here is a fine resource:

A Kannada book titled 'Akshobhya Vijaya Vibhrama' (The delusion regarding
Akshobhya's victory) authored by Sri G.R.Patil (Retd. Director of Public
Instruction, Dharwad, Karnataka) addresses this 'debate' and after a very
detailed analysis of  a number documents and several Madhva books
establishes that such a debtate did not take place at all.  I recently
finished reading this very interesting book.  It has some 35 chapters and
very well documented.  Spanning over 350 pages in good print, the book makes
an incisive analysis of the subject.  In the process it brings out many
inconsistencies within the Madhva tradition about the event and the details
thereof.  Several noted Madhva scholars are differing over the dates that
are crucial to the determination of the event.  The author has documented
Vishistadvaita evidences also in this regard.

Above all, it is a very 'decent' book and does not contain unsavoury remarks
or uprintable language against Madhvas.  The author treats every Madhva
Acharya with utmost respect, something that is missing in Madhva's reference
to Shankara (sankara).

The Publisher: Brahma Vidya Prakashana, Shri Shankaracharya Sanskrit
Pathashala, Gandhi Chowk, Dharwad.   Year: 2005.  Rs. 150. In the title page
is contained this info. about the book:

'Akshobhya Vijaya Vibhrama'  A research work negating the so-called
disputation that took place between Akshyobhya Teertha and Vidyaranya in
14th Century.  It is an evaluation of the articles of many ancient and moder


On Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 12:44 PM, krishna koundinya <cosmonautkk at gmail.com>wrote:

> Pranam to All,
> 3) In the debate between Sri Vidyaranya swamy & akshobhya muni,
> Vidyaranya swamy could not defend the position of the mahavakya" Tat
> Twam Asi" and Sri Vedanta Desikar pronounded akshobhya muni as the
> winner by saying "Asina tatvamasina parajiva prabhodina Vidyaranya
> maharanyam Aksobhyamuni raccinath". Why did this happen and how should
> we understand this?
> Thank you.
> Krishna.
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