[Advaita-l] Traits of an Ideal Guru and an ideal disciple

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Thanks Kathirasan ji, for showing this.

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> Namaste ji,
> In the Upadeshasahasri too Shankara states the qualifications of a Guru:
> The teacher is one who is endowed with the power of furnishing
> arguments pro and con, of understanding questions and remembering
> them, who possesses tranquility, self-control, compassion and a desire
> to help others, who is versed in the scriptures and unattached to
> enjoyments both seen and unseen, who has renounced the means to all
> kinds of actions, who is a knower of Brahman and is established in it,
> who is never a transgressor of the rules of conduct and who is devoid
> of shortcomings such as ostentation, pride, deceit, cunning, jugglery,
> jealousy, falsehood, egotism and attachment. He has the sole aim of
> helping others and a desire to impart the knowledge of Brahman only.
> (verse 6 - Prose section)
> (translation by Swami Jagadananda)

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