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Fri Mar 19 11:33:37 CDT 2010

> Hi,
> This is was a nice and neutral article....
> Though one thing that has always perplexed me...
> Why do all these gurus, who have achieved all these siddhis fall into
> this trap....
> One of the biggest thing that a yogi is said to accomplish is strong
> intuition, and a developed third eye, which means he can kindof look
> into the future.... that is one of the biggest power all spiritual
> gurus claim..
> If that is so, why do they fall into such trap...
> I am very curious to discuss this... any comments are most welcome.
> Thanks
> Hitanshu

Without commenting on the particular instance of the scandals currently
associated with this Swami Nityananda, let me just make a few general


1. A person who acquires Yoga siddhis is not necessarily a good guru.
2. A person who acquires some Yoga siddhis is not necessarily a master
   of all Yoga siddhis.
3. Even a person who has mastered all the powerful Yoga siddhis is not a
   role model if he has not given up attachment to sense objects.
4. The powers that gurus claim and the powers that they actually have
   can be very different things! It is up to those who are looking for gurus,
   to check for the gap between what is claimed and what is actually there.
4. A person who wears saffron robes, but does not have a time-tested and
   authentic guru-paramparA behind him/her, has to be treated with caution.
5. My own thumb-rule: if some person amasses a lot of material wealth and
   fame within a few years of arriving in public as a guru, or if some guru has
   a penchant for being in the news all the time, it is suspicious, to say the
   least. Guru-dom is not a tradeable commodity to be marketed and publicized 
   via media outlets.


I am engaging in this thread not because this topic of is worthy of discussion
here, but only because this list has a lot of sincere seekers after truth, who
may have similar questions in their minds.



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