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> Stages of Devotion
> Madhusudana Saraswathi, the famous author of Advaita
> Siddhi, was a great devotee of Krishna. His being an Advaitin
> par excellence did not in any way stand in his way of composing
> soul-stirring verses on Krishna.
Here is a verse composed by him:

ध्यानाभ्यासवशीकृतेन मनसा तन्निर्गुणं निष्क्रियं
ज्योतिः किञ्चन योगिनो यदि परं पश्यन्ति पश्यन्तु ते ।
अस्माकं तु तदेव लोचनचमत्काराय भूयाच्चिरं
कालिन्दीपुलिनोदरे किमपि यन्नीलं महो धावति ॥

// By means of the mind brought under control by the practice of meditation,
Yogis behold the Supreme Light that is free from attributes and activity.
Let them do so.
But I am quite contented with the vision of the luminous blue deity,
Krishna, who wanders about the banks of the river KaalindI. //

[As quoted in the Book 'Divine Discourses' of HH Sri Abhinava Vidyartirtha
SwaminaH, the 35th Acharya of the Sringeri Sharada Peetham.]

Does anyone know the work of Sri Madhusudana Saraswati where this
composition appears?

Om Tat Sat

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