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>Let me see the Dharmasindhu and clarify the above. The section 1-4 entitled 'atha tithi
>nirNaye saamanyparibhaashaa' states "sooryodayottaram
>shaDghaTikAparimitatithyantasparSaatmakah praatarvedhah". So much for the 3-muhUrta
>or 6 ghaTikA rule; a couple of lines late there is a clarification "daSamI
>pancadaSabhirekAdaSIvedhakrit". So the determination done by you looks proper.
The dharmasindhu, in the general topic of tithi nirNaya, also says that vedha
regarding ekAdashI is treated later or separately, obviously because the ekAdashI is an 
important topic. 
>This year, I had bought a number of calendars (kaalanirNay - Kannada, Marathi, Hindi and
>Gujarati and those reckoned in the three regions of AP) with an intention to study a
>slightly different topic (how calendars are computed in different parts of India), so let me
>see what each of those has to say about ekaadaSI. The one we normally use is the one
>we had been using from as far as my memory goes; to me, this Venkataramana & Co,
>Eluru's calendar had the same constant presence in the pUjAroom as the Dharmasindhu.
I have seen several panchAngas to find out what they say about the Feb 24 case. The 
one I have used for a long time is a local Kannada panchAnga called the oNTikoppal

PanchAnga, based in Mysore. It was started by an Asthan Vidvan of the King of Mysore,

T V Krishna Shastri, more than a century ago and is still being published by his grandson

and great grandson. The oNTikoppal panchAnga is held in high esteem not only among 

smArtas of the region but by others too. According to this panchAnga, smArta ekAdashI

is on Feb 24 and VaiShNava ekAdashI on the 25th. This is a sUrya siddhAnta panchAnga

although it does contain a driggaNita panchAnga to be used for astrological purposes.


The Shri Sringeri Shri MaThIya PanchAnga in Kannada is available at:




As per this panchAnga, Feb 24 is clearly marked as a smArta ekAdashI. This panchAnga

will be made available in Telugu and Tamil as well. Needless to say, this is a sUrya 

siddhAnta panchAnga. 

A Marathi PanchAnga called Date (pronounced "दाते") PanchAnga is quite good. However,
it uses a modern approach to calculating the positions of the moon, sun, and planets. So
the dates it gives do not always agree with the more traditional panchAngas from the 
maThas. Still, this panchAnga is widely followed in Northern Karnataka and Maharashtra.

As for Feb 24-25, this panchAnga lists Feb 25 as the ekAdashI for everyone and it is 

correct as per its tithi ending times, where the dvAdashI is not a kShaya tithi as in the 

sUrya-siddhAnta case. Recently, the Date PanchAnga has been made available in 

Kannada. It is based in Sholapur, Maharashtra. 


There are others such as Kalnirnay, which follows an approach similar to Date except 

that it is based in Mumbai, and various maThIya panchAngas. The TTD (Tirupati) 

temple also has an online panchAnga, in Telugu.  

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