[Advaita-l] Ekadashi Questions (Long)

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Dear Sri Subrahmanian

What can one say with reference to what Swami Vidyaranya says, except that it is very true? And, one does endeavour to follow the path shown by the great teacher.

One of the reasons why I quoted the karma-bhrashTa and vrata-bhrashTa tu-tu-main-main is to point out that Advaitins try to follow the Srauta karmas more strictly - even at the cost of being branded vrata-bhrashTas - than do Vaishnavas who prefer observance due on 'Harivaasam' to the Srauta karmas. While writing this, I am aware that I am no paragon in terms of observance of even the nityakarmas.

Then, there are neo-vedantins for whom the sanaatana way of life is but a regimen-meant-for-the-thick-headed and j~naana is above all.


Regarding the original ekAdaSI, I am unable to find the calendars that I had kept aside (in the meanwhile we have shifted our home, so that added to the general difficulty). So, I cannot compile the smaarta ekaadaSIs as per different calendars - at least for Feb 24/25, 2010 in the near future.


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Looking, therefore, upon the vAsanA of public opinion, लोकवासना’ as entirely impure, books treating of liberation, मोक्षशास्त्रम्, advise the foremost of yogin-s to treat censure and praise alike.  // Unquote.  

The gist of the above is: //One's own good should, by all possible means, be looked to.  What can the myriad-tongued world do?'//


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Dear Sri Anand Hudli
>One more issue. What happens when one has to perform a SrAddha on ekaadaSI? nirNayasindhu says, smell the food; our purohita says vaishNavas are karmabhrashTas and will do the upavAsa but we perform the SrAddhA and are in turn branded vratabhrashTas by the vaishNavas!
>Thanks once again.
>Best regards
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