[Advaita-l] Physical death of the Jnani and related issues

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 2 17:04:29 CST 2010


> Sir, you miss the point. It is a question of identity. Is the Gnaani who
> has attained liberation still attached the BMI complex is the question.
> Your above view is quite arbitrary. What we as ignorant persons see in a
> Gnaani is not real for we look with the ignorance that drives us and
> attribute our fancy it to the liberated one.

It becomes very difficult to discuss anything if we are not going to read what
we are responding to. I already mentioned in my post - nobody among advaitins
says that the jnAnI IDENTIFIES with the mind and body and their functioning.
Still, the jnAnI lives and operates in the world, as long as life persists, with the
instrumentality of the body and the mind. There is absolutely nothing wrong
with saying this and it does not compromise brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati in any
way whatsoever. That is what jIvanmukti is, after all - living in a body and
continuing to operate in it after the burning up of ajnAna.


If everything that a jnAnI says or does is nothing more than a false attribution
by ajnAnI-s like us, let us see where the logical conclusion of this argument
goes. It seems that according to you and some others, all the teaching by any
jnAnI (which is part of the things that he or she says or does) in history is
nothing more than the fanciful imagination of the ajnAnI-s around him or her.
This would be as true for Sankara himself as for anybody else. So this means
that all the bhAshyas and other texts in our tradition are nothing more than false
attributions of a long lineage of ajnAnI-s to someone whom these ajnAnI-s
consider to be a jnAnI. I hope it is unnecessary for me to point out the ultimate
absurdity of such a position.


For that matter, how does anyone know that someone is a jnAnI? I can speak
for myself and accept that I am an ajnAnI, because I identify myself with all
sorts of things in my life. How do I know that Ramana Maharishi or somebody
else is a jnAnI? Ultimately, according to your line of reasoning, even the label
"jnAnI" can be nothing more than a fanciful attribution by an affirmed ajnAnI
on to someone else, is it not?!!


Anyway, we have had many discussions on this list on these lines in the past,
and we will continue to do so in future, so I will stop with this. As a frequently
contributing member of the list who also happens to be one of its moderators,
I will only request that responses to posts should be done after careful reading
and thought.



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