[Advaita-l] Two types of Atma jnAni-s &their approachtoreallife situation

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> As long as there is a body, hunger and sleep and dreams arise. As long as 
> there is
> a mind, various mental states arise. On the other hand, for a jnAnI, the 
> mere arising
> of a mental state does not mean that there is indulgence or repulsion 
> towards that
> mental state. This applies as much to negative states such as kAma and 
> krodha as
> to any other mental state, however positive it may be.
> sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Vidya prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> Krishna in second chapter says how the kAma & krOdha arises in the mental 
> factory...dhyAyatO vishayAn pumsaH sangasteshUpajAyate, saMgAt saMjAyate 
> kAmaH kAmAt krOdhObhijAyate...prabhuji, you know result of this kAma & 
> krOdha and what krishna says at the end of this verse: buddhi nAshAt 
> praNashyate..Now, we are saying that this kAma /krOdha arises in the mind 
> of the jnAni also like any other ordinary people..Since we are ascribing 
> kAma & krOdha to jnAni also we have to say to get this kAma & krOdha he 
> would engage himself in sense objects & develop attachments for them 

Not so. The mere arising of a mental state does not mean that s/he would
give in to them. IF he engages in attachment to sense objects, then there
is nASa. Such a person does not have samyag-jnAna. However, for a jnAnI,
even if a momentary mental state arises, s/he knows better and s/he does not
develop attachment to it. That is the biggest difference. You fail to distinguish
between the fact that different citta-vRtti-s may arise and the fact that
the jnAnI knows how to withdraw from these vRtti-s. This is because you 

fail to see where yogAbhyAsa fits into the life of a jnAnI, before and after 
jnAna-prApti, although sureSvarAcArya explicitly puts it as necessary after
the renunciation of all action and although Sankara bhagavatpAda explicitly
says "svAtantrya-arthaM yogadharma-anusevanaM". 


Enough said. You keep raising strawman arguments about what the jnAnI
is and does. I don't think you are really sorry to be fussy, because you seem
to delight in ascribing positions to others that they don't hold and you seem
to want to deliberately misunderstand what is being said. Please get back to
the basic questions that I raised a few days ago and then I will discuss more.


Best regards,


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