[Advaita-l] Two types of Atma jnAni-s &their approachtoreallife situation

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As long as there is a body, hunger and sleep and dreams arise. As long as 
there is
a mind, various mental states arise. On the other hand, for a jnAnI, the 
mere arising
of a mental state does not mean that there is indulgence or repulsion 
towards that
mental state. This applies as much to negative states such as kAma and 
krodha as
to any other mental state, however positive it may be.

sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Vidya prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Krishna in second chapter says how the kAma & krOdha arises in the mental 
factory...dhyAyatO vishayAn pumsaH sangasteshUpajAyate, saMgAt saMjAyate 
kAmaH kAmAt krOdhObhijAyate...prabhuji, you know result of this kAma & 
krOdha and what krishna says at the end of this verse: buddhi nAshAt 
praNashyate..Now, we are saying that this kAma /krOdha arises in the mind 
of the jnAni also like any other ordinary people..Since we are ascribing 
kAma & krOdha to jnAni also we have to say to get this kAma & krOdha he 
would engage himself in sense objects & develop attachments for them 
(dhyAyato vishayAn puMsaH sangasteshUpajAyate etc.)...In short what we are 
saying here is jnAni too does have the attachments to the sense objects 
and the result of that he would get kAma & krOdha but unlike other 
ordinary mortals, he would 'control' these wicked thoughts....IMO, this 
definition of the jnAni suits more to yOgi than Atmaikatva jnAni..wheras 
jnAni (ofcourse as I understand)  is anudvignA and he is krutakrutya...and 
that jnAni has the sthirabuddhi coz. he is brahmavida & he is brahma 
sthitha...(sthirabuddhirasaMmudhO brahmavidbrahmaNi sthitaH)..But to the 
contrary to this we are saying jnAni too will get the kAma krOdha but 
control of the same & 'time gap' between arising & controling depends upon 
the 'set' of antaHkaraNa he has !!!! These are all nothing but alien 
theories for me & frankly this is the first time I am hearing these type 
of definitions about jnAni.  AtmaupamyEna 'sarvatra samaM pashyate, sukhaM 
vA yadi vA dhukhaM sa yOgee paramO mataH...Being established in egoless 
state jnAni sees no distinction between himself and others, nor between 
one person and another (sadhy shavapicha pApeshu, vidya vinaya sampanne, 
brahmaNe gavi hastini etc. )  for him neither sex nor desire nor any 
mundane social status exists for him to get agitated for not getting  bed 
coffee, kurl-on bed at night or hot water for the bath coz. his 
realization that he is secondless is in absolute sense...  I am sorry to 
be fussy here...just I cannot see the Atmaikatva jnAni-s in such a 
deprived state!!!

Your humble servant
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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