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I seem to have missed this thread earlier. Historically, the Puri Matha does not
seem to have had a very big geographical reach. The original intention of the
AmnAya maTha tradition and the social-political changes over time in various
regions are obviously not in step with each other. This is the situation almost

everywhere in the country. Jaldhar is right that the maThAmnAya texts are an
idealized view, and while they may have been descriptive of the ground reality
at some point of time, it is not so at present.




> > Namaste.
> >
> > I would like to know about practice of advaita vedAnta in Bengal/Banga 
> > which is under the jurisdiction of Govardhana Matha according to 
> > mathAmnAya. It is also notable that most of the Bengali scholars in 
> > advaita vedAnta were more affilliated to kAshI/vArANasI instead of Sri 
> > JagannAthadhAma. Kindly enlighten me in this subject.
> The mathAmnAya and similar works present a very stylized view of affairs. 
> In practice, the jurisdiction of maths tended to depend on support from 
> civil rulers. So the writ of Govardhana matha extended into the domains 
> of the Gajapatis of Orissa only. Bengali Advaitins may have felt greater 
> loyalty to the dashanami akhadas to which they were bound by guru-shishya 
> parampara and which are mainly headquarted in Kashi.
> This is just my impression from studying history. Perhaps Vidyashankar 
> can give a more knowledgeable answer.
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