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The gopies travelled in their astral bodies only. You can see this in the following verse from the Bhagavatam:
"Manyamaanaah svapaarshvasthaan svaan svaan daaraan vrajaukasah" (Bhagatam 10.33.38)
Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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The Srimad Bhagavatam must contain verses depicting how the Gopi-s left all
their household work and rushed to be with Krishna for the Raasa.  Here is
an account that shows that they left with their physical bodies and not
subtle bodies.  Also, from the question Parikshit asked and the reply Sage
Shuka gave it can be concluded that it was not a matter that could be seen
as a boy of eight playing with girls in their subtle bodies.  At least that
is the impression one gets by reading the account given in the Bhagavatam.


It appears that Krsna enjoyed the *rasa* dance with the *gopis* when He was
eight years old. At that time, many of the *gopis* were married, because in
India, especially in those days, girls were married at a very early age.
There are even many instances of a girl giving birth to a child at the age
of twelve. Under the circumstances, all the *gopis* who wanted to have Krsna
as their husband were already married. At the same time, they continued to
hope that Krsna would be their husband. Their attitude toward Krsna was that
of paramour love. Therefore, the loving affairs of Krsna with the *gopis* is
called *parakiya-rasa.* A married man or a wife who desires another wife or
husband is called *parakiya-rasa.*

Immediately upon hearing the vibration of the flute, they all *left* their
respective engagements and proceeded to the spot where Krsna was standing.
While they ran very swiftly, all their earrings swung back and forth. They
all *rushed* toward the place known as Vamsivata. Some of them were engaged
in milking cows, but they *left* their milking business half finished and
immediately went to Krsna. One of them had just collected milk and put it in
a milk pan on the oven to boil, but she did not care whether the milk
overboiled and spilled--she immediately *left* to go see Krsna. Some of them
were breast feeding their small babies, and some were engaged in
distributing food to the members of their families, but they *left* all such
engagements and immediately *rushed* towards the spot where Krsna was
playing His flute. Some were engaged in serving their husbands, and some
were themselves engaged in eating, but neither caring to serve their
husbands nor eat, they immediately *left*. Some of them wanted to decorate
their faces with cosmetic ointments and to dress themselves very nicely
before going to Krsna, but unfortunately they could not finish their
cosmetic decorations nor put on their dresses in the right way because of
their anxiety to meet Krsna immediately. Their faces were decorated
hurriedly and were haphazardly finished; some even put the lower part of
their dresses on the upper part of their bodies and the upper part on the
lower part.
While all the *gopis* were hurriedly leaving their respective places, their
husbands, brothers and fathers were all struck with wonder to know where
they were going. Being young girls, they were protected either by husbands,
elderly brothers or fathers. All their guardians forbade them to go to
Krsna, but they disregarded them. When a person becomes attracted by Krsna
and is in full Krsna consciousness, he does not care for any worldly duties,
even though very urgent. Krsna consciousness is so powerful that it gives
everyone relief from all material activities.

Om Tat Sat

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> Dear Jaldharji,
> May I add two little noticed facts about Lord Krishna'a leela with the
> gopies. The Lord was only 8 years old at that time and the bodies of the
> gopies were remaining  in their beds and beside their sleeping husbands'.
> The whole leela was at the level of their sukshma sareera.
> Regards,
> Sunil K. Bhattacharjya
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