[Advaita-l] definition and criteria of Truth

Guy Werlings werlings.guy at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jul 31 07:57:23 CDT 2010

I am very much thankful and indebted to Smt.Bagirathi Ramanathan for her friendly and sound advice, which I will unfortunately not be in a position to follow, due to my eyesight now so poor that I can no longer read small characters in books.


If I receive a text by e-mail, directly or through the list, I can cut and paste it in a Word document and enlarge the font up to the size I need to make it readable. Also receiving texts in PDF and converting them into Word with a proper software will give me the same readable result.


So what I am looking for is one line in Itrans for the definition of Truth with its anvaya, and three lines for the criteria of Truth, as they are three in number as far as I remember from my very first contact with vEdAnta 50 years ago.

But of course further explanations and clarifications are also most welcome.

Guy Werlings 
werlings.guy at wanadoo.fr

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