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Here is what Bhagavatpada says about Satyam, Truth:

The Taittiriya Upanishad definition of the intrinsic nature of Brahman is:
‘Satyam, Jnanam, Anantam Brahma’ [Brahman is Existence, Consciousness and
Infinite]. The nature of Brahman concisely stated as ‘that which is not
sublatable in all the three periods of time’ has been elucidated in a very
deeply insightful statement in the commentary to the Taittiriya Upanishad :

//As for satyam, a thing is said to be satyam, true, when it does not change
the nature that is ascertained to be its own; and a thing is said to be
unreal when it changes the nature that is ascertained to be its own.  Hence
a mutable thing is unreal, for in the text, ‘All transformation has speech
as its basis, and it is name only. Clay as such is the reality.’ (Chandogya
Up. 6.1.4), it has been emphasized that, that alone is true that Exists
(Ch.Up. 6.2.1)//

For a further reading on this topic you may visit the Advaita L website for
an article titled:
The Real and the Unreal - A study of the Gita verse 2.16

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> Dear List members,
> I apologize for having been silent for such a long time. This is due to my
> health.
> I should like to know what is shrii BhagavatpAda's definition of Truth and
> what are his criteria of Truth.
> Hope someone of you can help me to clarify the matter fron a strictly
> philosophical point of view.
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