[Advaita-l] definition and criteria of Truth

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Fri Jul 30 10:16:27 CDT 2010

30th July, 2010

Dear shri. Guy Werlings

 I think the book " What is Advaita" a book by Prof. P.Sankaranarayanan, published by Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, kulapati K.M.Munshi Marg, Bombay - 400 007 Second Edition 1988  may clarify you questions . 

Mrs.Bagirathi Ramanathan 

On Thu, 29 Jul 2010 22:47:23 +0530  wrote
>Dear List members,

I apologize for having been silent for such a long time. This is due to my health.

I should like to know what is shrii BhagavatpAda's definition of Truth and what are his criteria of Truth.

Hope someone of you can help me to clarify the matter fron a strictly philosophical point of view.


dhanyavAdaH |

vandanAni |

Guy Werlings


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