[Advaita-l] Can a jnAni engage himself in a prohibited act??

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On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 6:04 PM, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:
> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> We have seen in purANa-s, smruti texts, biographies of mahAtma-s  wherein
> jnAni-s like Krishna, rAma, ramaNa, paramahamsa, diti & kashyapa prajapati
> etc. have did what they  are not supposed to do being a brahma jnAni-s
> :-))  So the question is, can jnAni be svecchAchAri or durAchAri without
> any katrutva bhAva and in the name of vyavahAra can he engage himself /
> herself in a shAstra nishiddha act ?? can  shOka, mOha, kAma   wicked
> thoughts influence jnAni's external activities by internally detaching
> from them in a sAkshi bhAva ??  Sofar what is there in these texts  about
> krishna, kashyapa prajapati & his wife diti, ramaNa, rAmakrishna etc.
> suggests that they are all kevala sAkshi-s to this socalled external
> 'questionable' activities & it can happen in the vyAvahArik world since
> they (jnAni-s) too have the different dehAntaHkaraNa  & it is possible for
> them to engage themselves in these type of activities without any katrutva
> bhAva & bhOktrutva bhAva, indriyA indriyArteshu vartante, guNa guNeshu
> vartante...

A Jnani does work always  for the welfare of the world. Loka Kalyana.
He has  loka kalyana intention only always.  When he does something he
is thinking loka kalyana in mind and that will happen always.  To
Ajnanis it looks like prohibited act. We think Parashara did wrong act
enjoying virgin Satyavati in the middle of the river.  But what about
the result?  Parashara gave us Vyasa his son for loka kalyana. The
result tells the act of Parashara was a good act. If Parashara did not
do this act how Vyasa could take birth?

Agasthya Rushi was born in a water jar. The gods Mithra & Varuna did a
prohibted act looking at Urvashi? The result is good here. The act of
Mithra and Varuna is good. South India is grateful to Agasthya because
he lived here.

>So, a jnAni like kashyapa prajapati  can agree with his wife's
> (another jnAni)  untimely demand & satisfied her demand resulting in
> getting rAkshasa saNtAna from the Rishi parampara!!

Kashyapa tells Diti the untimely act with her in the sandhya hour will
be bad for the world. She did not agree. But Kashyapa was helpless.
The result was bad Rakshasa sons. They did many bad acts in the world.
 The lesson to be learned if a man works for loka kalyana he will not
make any mistake. The result will be good. But if he works  not for
loka kalyana he will make mistakes.

> But it is better to be noted that shankara is quite categorical in his
> bhAshya that : rAgAgikleshavAsanAkshipta karmApekshA tu avidyA kevalA
> vaishmyakaree syAt...A jnAni cannot be a durAchAri or svecchAchAri  and
> engage himself in shAstra nishiddha AcharaNa  to violate the basics of
> dharma shAstra.  How can he?? asks shankara??

Yes. If Jnani always acting for loka kalyana how can he be Durachari?
He is always doing good for the world.



> Further Shankara says in Itareya bhAshya .
> yaThA kAmitvaM tu vidushO atyantaM aprAptaM, atyanta mUdha vishyatvena
> avagamAt, taThA shAstrachOditamapi karma Atma vidO aprAptaM gurubhAratayA
> avagamyate kimuta atyanta aviveka nimittam yathAkAmitvaM, na hi
> unmAdatimiradrushtOpalabdhaM vastu 'tadapagame taThaiva syAt unmAda
> timiradrushti nimittAdeva.
> Here shankara quite clearly says ONLY utter idiots  (atyanta mUdha) would
> engage themselves in nishiddhAcharaNa whereas for Atma vida-s even
> 'shAstra vihita karma' itself a big burden!!  No need to mention here, if
> at all we see these type of nishiddhAcharaNa by the jnAni-s  either it has
> some symbolical explanation or it can be 'real' ONLY in ajnAni drushti and
> KRODHA ...
> And finally, we cannot make Atma jnAni-s as victims of this
> nishiddhAcharaNa in the name of prArabdha karma, akatrutva & abhOktruva
> cushions & more importantly in  the name of vyavahAra :-))
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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