[Advaita-l] Can a jnAni engage himself in a prohibited act??

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Tue Jul 13 13:57:37 CDT 2010

> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> We have seen in purANa-s, smruti texts, biographies of mahAtma-s wherein 
> jnAni-s like Krishna, rAma, ramaNa, paramahamsa, diti & kashyapa prajapati 
> etc. have did what they are not supposed to do being a brahma jnAni-s 

Strictly speaking, a jnAnI does nothing. The question of doing what they are
not supposed to does not even arise. Nor does the question of doing what
they are supposed to do! Because they are not supposed to do anything.


> 'questionable' activities & it can happen in the vyAvahArik world since 
> they (jnAni-s) too have the different dehAntaHkaraNa & it is possible for 
> them to engage themselves in these type of activities without any katrutva 
> bhAva & bhOktrutva bhAva, indriyA indriyArteshu vartante, guNa guNeshu 
> vartante...So, a jnAni like kashyapa prajapati can agree with his wife's 
> (another jnAni) untimely demand & satisfied her demand resulting in 
> getting rAkshasa saNtAna from the Rishi parampara!! 

Where is it said that diti was another jnAnI? I'm curious to know. For that
matter, how can there be "another" when all jnAnI-s are supposed to be 
the same, even in vyavahAra?


> Further Shankara says in Itareya bhAshya . 
> yaThA kAmitvaM tu vidushO atyantaM aprAptaM, atyanta mUdha vishyatvena 
> avagamAt, taThA shAstrachOditamapi karma Atma vidO aprAptaM gurubhAratayA 
> avagamyate kimuta atyanta aviveka nimittam yathAkAmitvaM, na hi 
> unmAdatimiradrushtOpalabdhaM vastu 'tadapagame taThaiva syAt unmAda 
> timiradrushti nimittAdeva. 
> Here shankara quite clearly says ONLY utter idiots (atyanta mUdha) would 
> engage themselves in nishiddhAcharaNa whereas for Atma vida-s even 
> 'shAstra vihita karma' itself a big burden!! No need to mention here, if 

Through what does a jnAnI feel that even SAstravihita karma is a big burden?

Best regards,



ps. I have not responded to earlier mails on jnAna and jnAnI because of lack
of time and because you asked me not to respond. However, the same topics
will no doubt keep coming up again and again.
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