[Advaita-l] Can a jnAni engage himself in a prohibited act??

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> Hari Om Shri Bhaskarji, Pranaams!
> On a side note, if you decide it is prakrti(prArabdha karma) which makes a
> jnAni act, none of the names mentioned by you from scriptures can suppose to
> have prArabdha karma because it is their first srShThi(Adya janma na
> punarjanma) or they are avatArs.  Only bhagavAn know past/present/future
> birth and the karmaphalas of all beings. Are you bhagavAn?

Although Bhaskar ji did not specify Veda Vyasa who fathered PAndu,
DhritarAshtra and Vidura, in the list, here is an observation on your above

In the Brahmasutra Bhashya it is said:

Yavadadhikaramavasthitiradhikarikanam III.3.32 (391)

[Of those who have a mission to fulfil (there is corporeal) existence, so
long as
the mission is not fulfilled.]

apAntaratamo nAma muniH kali-dvApara-sandhau vyAsatvena sambabhUva - a sage
named 'apAntaratamas' incarnated in the confluence of Kali and dvApara
yuga-s with the name / position of 'vyAsa'.

Shankaracharya says Vyasa / apaantaratamas was a 'samyagdarshi' in this

Accordingly, the birth as Veda VyAsa in the Mahabharata context is not 'Adya
janma'; the earlier janma being as the muni named 'apAntaratamas'.  And it
is decided that these get this position only owing to  their karma/merits.


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