[Advaita-l] Can a jnAni engage himself in a prohibited act??

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Hari Om Shri Bhaskarji, Pranaams!

Can a vivekI ever slip into prakrti vashaH?

yadi sarvaH jantuH AtmanaH prakrtisadrsham eva ceShTate na ca prakrti 
shUnyaH kashcit asti, tataH puruShakArasya viShayAnupatteH, 
shAstrAnarthakyaprAptau idam ucyate..(BGB introduction to verse 3.34.
(If all beings behave only according to their own nature -- and there is 
none without his nature --, then, since there arises the contingency of the 
scriptures becoming purposeless owing to the absence of any scope for 
personal effort, therefore the following is being states:)

tatra ayaM puruShakArasya shAstrArthasya ca viShayaH ucyate..
(As to that, the scope of personal effort and scriptural purpose are being 
stated as follows:)

shAstrArte pravrttaH pUrvaM eva rAgadveShayoH vashaM na Agacchhet. ...
(One who is engaged in the subject-matter of the scriptures, should in the 
very beginning, not come under the influence of love and hatred.)

yadA punaH rAgadveShau tatpratipakSheNa(vivekena/vicArena) niyamayati, tadA 
shAstradrShThiH eva puruShaH bhavati, na prakrtivashaH. BGB to verse 3.34.
(On the other hand, when a person controls love and hatred with the help of 
their opposites(ignorance, the cause of love and hatred, has discrimination 
as its opposite), then he becomes mindful only of the scriptural teachings; 
he ceases to be led by his nature)
translated by svAmi ghambhIrAnandaji.

In Shri Guru Smriti,
Br. Pranipata Chaitanya

On a side note, if you decide it is prakrti(prArabdha karma) which makes a 
jnAni act, none of the names mentioned by you from scriptures can suppose to 
have prArabdha karma because it is their first srShThi(Adya janma na 
punarjanma) or they are avatArs.  Only bhagavAn know past/present/future 
birth and the karmaphalas of all beings. Are you bhagavAn?

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