[Advaita-l] Bh.Gita verse 18.73 - Was Arjuna an 'aparoksha Jnani'? - Part 4

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Thu Jul 1 00:03:34 CDT 2010

praNAms Sri Venkatesh Murthy
Hare Krishna

>  You can expect more scholarly & deplomatic reply from Sri Subbu 
prabhuji or Sri Vidya prabhuji...In the meantime you can cherish my not so 
worthy reply :-))

Puranas give a chance for the women and non brahmins to understand the 
vedanta. But purana knowledge is not same as vedanta knowledge.

>  but stree shudrAdi-s can get vedAntic knowledge from smruti, itihAsa, 
purAna itself...vidhura, dharmavyAdha etc. of mahAbhArata,  stand tall in 
this type of category. 

Arjuna was a warrior not a brahmin Only sannyasi can get vedanta 

>  saNyAsa is helpful to channalize your sAdhana (brahma jignAsa) in right 
direction...but it does not mean ONLY saNyAsi-s would get the vedAntic 
knowledge...For that matter janaka who taught shuka was not a sanyAsi but 
a kshatriya, yagnAvalkya at the time of announcing he is 'the brahmajnAni' 
was not a sanyAsi but a gruhasta. (ofcourse, if you consider all these 
upanishadic stories are real life episodes)

Krishna cannot give vedanta knowledge to non sannyasi. 

> do you mean to say Krishna himself was not aware of vedAntic knowledge 
since krishna himself was not a sanyAsi & was a big polygamist :-)) and 
was having lakhs of kids :-))

He gave purana type of knowledge for non sannyasi Arjuna. 

>  what is lacking in geetOpadesha to say it is purANa type of knowledge 
and not vedAnta??  what extra there in vedAnta that has not been covered 
by krishna in geeta??  do you know something??  some verses in geeta is an 
exact replica of shruti (example kathOpanishad!!)

His doubts got cleared. He fought and won the war.

Purana  type knowledge is also good. Dont misunderstand. It leads to
vedanta knowledge as listener is born as brahmin in next janma.
Arjuna listened to God so this purana  itihasa type knowledge must
have very good effect. Probably in next janma he got a chance for
learning vedanta.

>  do you have any valid base for the above statements?? 

Nobody should say Krishna Paramatma cannot give knowledge to you. God
gives knowledge to you when you are fit to receive it. He will protect
you by  knowledge according to your status.  He will not  break the
varnasrama rules.  We cant teach MSC Maths to  a SSLC student. He will
be confused. We must teach  SSLC Maths only.

Arjuna was sad and said he will not fight Bhishma and others> How can
God give sannyasi type instruction to him.

>  does a poignant person like arjuna needs upadesha about karma saNyAsa 
yOga, jnAna yOga, bhakti yOga etc. amidst bown & arrows?? do you think 
krishna made 'out of context' upadesha to arjuna on the war field??   what 
was the need for krishna to say arjuna patram pushpaM phalam tOyam..etc. 
on the battle field of kurukshetra??  what was the need for krishna to 
show vishvarUpa to arjuna that too when arjuna was in need of some 
professional councelling??:-))If you have answers to these questions, I 
hope you would get answer to your above question also. 


> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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