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Sivaanandalahari - 86पूजद्रव्य-समृद्धयो विरचिता: पूजां कथं कुर्महे
पक्षित्वं न च वा किटित्व-मपि न प्राप्तं मया दुर्लभम् ।
जाने मस्तक-मंघ्रिपल्लव-मुमाजाने न तेऽहं विभो
न ज्ञातं हि पितामहेन हरिणा तत्वेन तद्रूपिणा ॥ ८६ ॥

pUjadravya-samRuddhayo virachitA: pUjAM kathaM kurmahe
pakShitvaM na cha vA kiTitva-mapi na prAptaM mayA durlaBam |
jAne mastaka-maMghripallava-mumAjAne na te&haM viBo
na gnAtaM hi pitAmahena hariNA tatvena tadrUpiNA || 86 ||

Oh Consort of Uma! Oh Omnipresent ! Puja drvyas ( materials used for Puja )
are kept collected. ( But) How to do the puja? I have not attained the form
of swan or the form of boar and that is not possible. I have not found your
crown or the lotus feet ( to do puja) Even Brahma and Vishnu who could
attain the form of swan and Boar could not know them.


**hE ummajaanE* = Hey! Husband of Paarvathi!
*poojaadhravya:* = in the matter of collecting the poojaadravyam;
*virachithaa:* = that is being done;
*poojaam* = of the pooja;
*katham* = how?
*kurmahE* = is it done;
*dhurlabham *= that cannot be attained;
*pakshithwam *= as the bird;
*na cha vaa* = or;
*kitithwamapi* = as a boar;
*mayaa *= by me;
*na praaptham* = has not happened;
*atha:* = therefore;
*hE vibhO* = Hey! all pervading One!
*aham *= I;
*thE *= your;
*masthakam *= the top of your head;
*angripallavam* = those softest of the lotus feet;
*na jaane* = do not know;
*hi* = for whatever reason;
*thathvEna* = really;
*thathroopiNaa* = taking those roopams of swan and pig;
*pithaamahEna *= by Bramha;
*hariNaa* = by Vishnu;
*na gnyaatham* = the head and the foot were not known.

Hey! ParamEswara! You are shining as the Punyamoorthy because you have the
company of MangaLavathi Paarvathi.  I have collected the poojadravyas to do
shOdachOpachaara pooja to you but I am unable to determine how I should do
it.  Should I take the form of swan to see the top of your head? Or should I
become a boar and keep digging the earth to find your holy feet?  Did not
Brahma and Vishnu fail in their mission taking those forms?  Don't you know
that I do not have such abilities to change into those forms?  Then how am I
supposed to worship you?  First of all I have to have the dharshanam of your
lotus feet and then only can I be able to do poojanam to them.  If those
holy feet are dhurlabham to the devathaas from Vishnu downwards how would I
be able to do the poojanam and get my janma sapalam?

So be reasonable and give me the baagyam to do dharshanam of your holy feet
by revealing them to me so I can do bilwaarchanai to them.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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