[Advaita-l] Sarada Chatuh shati or Sarada Chatuccshati

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 31 04:20:01 CST 2010

>Did you find it having any connection with the Sringeri math? This was
definitely not a >composition of Adi Sankara nor was it of

It is a recent work and as far as I know..there are no claims to it being an ancient work

shrI Ramesh already answered your other queries.

>Sri Vidya is
Samayachara Tantra as opposed to the Vamachara Tantra.. 

As Ramesh said it has both..what is called samayAchAra is a later
adoption by smArta-s of the actual shrIkula tradition which is a kaula
tradition involving 5M etc.

>Many people >may
not realise that the Sarada Chatuh-shati is a tantric text and that may
>be the reason for which  late S.K. Ramachanra Rao gave the title
"Tantric practices in Sri >Vidya".

I doubt if it can be called a tAntrik text. As said before, it is work
which tries to correlate some aspects of shrIvidyA with advaita vedAnta.

>Do you have any idea as to how  it differs from the Sarada Tilak Tantra? 

They are not related in any way and have nothing in common.

>Also how is it >different from the Lalita

Trishati is the 300 names of lalitA mahAtripura sundarI.

The contens of the other work I mentioned above.

I dont remember but address can be found out from google.



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