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Sivaanandalahari - 85जलधिमथनदक्षो नैव पतालभेदी
न च वनमृगयायां नैव लुब्ध: प्रवीण: ।
अशन-कुसुम-भुषा-वस्त्रमूख्यां सपर्यां
कथय कथमहं ते कल्पयानीन्दुमौले ॥ ८५ ॥

jaladhimathanadakSho naiva patAlaBedI
na cha vanamRugayAyAM naiva lubdha: pravINa: |
aSana-kusuma-BuShA-vastramUkhyAM saparyAM
kathaya kathamahaM te kalpayAnIndumaule || 85 ||

Oh Lord who wears the moon on the head, your food is poison, flower is moon
and ornament is Nagaraja ( the lord of Snakes) and your dress is the hides
of Tiger and elephant.I am not capable of churning the ocean ( to take out
the poison )neither can I break up the Patala nor am I a good talented
hunter to hunt the tigers and elephants. Then Please tell how I can organise
the Puja with flowers, ornaments and dress?


*indhumoulE* = Hey! Chandrakalaadharaa!
*aham* = I;
*jaladhimadhanadhaksha:* = having ability in the matter of stirring the
*naiva* = not;
*paadhaalabhEdhi* = having the ability in the matter of breaking the
*na* = not;
*vanamrugayaayaam* = in the hunting of the animals of the forest;
*praveeNa:* = having the ability;
*lubdha:* = as hunter;
*naiva* = not;
*thE* = to you;
*asana kusuma bhooshaavasthramukhyaam* = doing it with food, flowers,
clothes etc;
*saparyaam* = pooja;
*katham* = how?
*kalpayaami *= do;
*kathaya* = please tell.

Hey! Chandrasekharaa! How can I do pooja to you with food, flowers, jewels
and clothes?  You should tell me.  Hey! ParamEswara! If I had the ability to
churn the ocean then I would do that and bring the aalahaala visham and feed
you with that.  If I had the ability to break into paathaaLa lOka I will
collect all the sarpaas and adore you with them.  If I have the abillity to
hunt the terrible animals then I would kill an elephant and skin it to give
you as a vasthram.  Knowing that I do not have these abilities you should
show me mercy and help with doing sivapooja in a different way.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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