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Sivaanandalahari - 84शिव तव परिचर्या-सन्‍निधानाय गौर्या
भव मम गुणधुर्यां बुद्धिकन्यां प्रदास्ये ।
सखल-भुवन-बन्धो सच्चिदानन्द-सिन्धो
सदय हृदय-गेहे सर्वदा संवस त्वम् ॥ ८४ ॥

Siva tava paricharyA-san^nidhAnAya gauryA
Bava mama guNadhuryAM buddhikanyAM pradAsye |
sakhala-Buvana-bandho sachchidAnanda-sindho
sadaya hRudaya-gehe sarvadA saMvasa tvam || 84 ||

Oh! Lord Shiva, the creator of the world, the relative of the entire world,
the ocean of Sachidananda(bliss) and the merciful, I offer to you the bride
of my mind with all good qualities to serve you along with your consort


*hE siva* = Hey! Mangalaswaroopi!
*hE bhava* = Hey! Creator of all the lOkas!
*hE sakhalabhuvanabandhO* = Hey! Closest relative of all the praaNis of the
all the lOkas!
*hE satchithaanandhasindhO* = Hey! Ocean of sath, chith and Aanandha!
*hE sadhaya* = Hey! karuNaamoorthE!
*thava* = to you;
*gowryaa* = with Gowri;
*paricharyaasannidhaanaaya* = in the matter of doing service to you, be a
helper to (Gowri);
*mama* = my;
*guNadhuryaam* = possessed of the sath guNas;
*buddhikanyaam* = (my) buddhi as the kanyaa;
*pradhaasthE *= I offer you (as your second bride);
*thvam* = you;
*hrudhayaghEhE* = in the private quaters that would be my mind;
*sarvadhaa* = always;
*samvasa* = live.

Hey! ParamEswara! you remain the most auspicious one.  As soon as you
desire, in a fleeting second, you create sapthaloKaas and become the closest
relative of all the janthus in all the lOkas.  Moreover by remaining the
ocean of Sath, Chith and Aanandha you show extreme kindness to the praaNis.
Hey! ParamEswara of such great mahimaa! I have a suggestion.  Paarvathi is
by your side giving you service.  I think it would be better if she has some
assistance in this regard.  No one is better for this than my mind of sath
guNas.  So without any objection you should immediately marry my mind and
live there as your home.

Hey! ParamEswara! Please do not come up with excuses that you are Eka pathni
vrathan and therefore you cannot marry my mind.  The saasthras say:

yaa dhEvi sarvabhoothEshu buddhiroopENa samsthithaa

>From the smallest ant to Brahma, whose buddhi is saakshaath Paraasakthi, is
it not?  Therefore when I describe my mind as buddhi kannika you should not
think her to be different from Paraasakthi.  Therefore you have to say 'yes'
to her and take her as your pathni.    If I give this kannika in marriage to
anya dhEvathas it cannot conform to saadhu dharma.  If I offer my mind to
anya dhEvathaas it will be utterly an act of adharma.  Therefore you should
be a dharmanishtan and marry my mind and live in it as your griham.

Anyone who chants this slOka in sivasannidhi and do a namaskaaram would
surely be able to do sivaarpaNam of their mind and attain the greatest of
their bhaagya.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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